Meteksan Defence Wins Arm Wrestling

Meteksan Defence Wins Arm Wrestling 23 August, 2017

Meteksan Defence has announced that it has signed the first export contract for the "Retina PTR" medium range area surveillance & security radar designed for border and critical facility safety. In a tender initiated by an undisclosed company, Meteksan Defense competed with companies mostly of European origin. Meteksan Defense became the winner side after the pitched battle.

Designed entirely with company resources and internal R&D, the Retinar PTR's stands out with its advanced user interface, compact structure, light weight and low power consumption. The Retinar PTR, which detects and tracks moving objects in size of human and animals from 4 km, and vehicles from 10 km, is designed using a customized pulse-to-wave waveform, thus being a radar with a minimum false alarm possibility.

Meteksan Defence Wins Arm Wrestling

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