Bolt Problem on Tiger

Bolt Problem on Tiger 9 August, 2019

The Bundeswehr has grounded its fleet of Tiger attack helicopters following a safety warning issued by Airbus Helicopters. The manufacturer, Airbus Helicopters, warned that a titanium bolt of the Main Rotor Control may show unusual weakness and break during flights. Such failure could potentially lead to a crash. Thus, the Bundeswehr has decided to ground the fleet and inspect each aircraft.


The same problem was also identified on the German NH90 and EC135 helicopters, but the material is not used in critical areas, meaning they will continue to operate for now.


On July 26, 2017, when the Tiger helicopter crashed in Mali, it was discovered that the accident was caused by a mistake made by three technicians when running maintenance on the main rotor. The firm said that after the accident, no design or structural problems were detected, but necessary measures were taken to ensure that maintenance personnel do not repeat a similar error.

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