End of an Era

End of an Era 4 November, 2019

The MiG-27 bomber and ground attack aircraft, a variant of the MiG-23 (NATO code: Flogger) with variable arrow angled wings, has been modified for airborne missions, filling nearly 30 years of history in the Indian Air Force (IAF). Nicknamed Bahadur in India, the Soviet origin MiG-27 was inducted into the IAF in 1984. The airplanes will be out of service at the end of this year after making their last flight from Rajasthan to Jodhpur Air Base. This year, two crashes near Pokhran in February and Jodhpur in March, India Mig-27 aircraft had lost.

India lost 2 MiG-27 planes in crashes in this year alone- one in February (near Pokhran), another in March (near Jodhpur). After their retirement, Kazakhstan will be the last country with MiG-27s in its inventory.

Issue 86