Britain Works on Full Situational Awareness

Britain Works on Full Situational Awareness 25 January, 2020

British Company BAE Systems Israeli firm Elbit Systems are cooperating to build a new main battle tank (MBT) offering 360-degree situational awareness, for British Army urban operations.

Elbit’s IronVision electro-optical system will provide the vision to the crew to see through tank armour wall. The company, along with the British army, have reportedly been working on the system to be integrated on to the Streetfighter II since January 2019. It will give the tank the ability to see in all directions even when inside the body with the hatches entirely closed. IronVision consists of a camera on top of the vehicle which eliminates all blind spots and offers a total 360 situational awareness for the turret crew inside the tank through a specialised helmet-mounted display.

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