Britain introduces Rocket Man

Britain introduces Rocket Man 22 November, 2019

Ex-Royal Marines Reservist Richard Browning has flown off the aircraft carrier with a jet-powered suit. A video of the former reservist flying around HMS Queen Elizabeth was shared on a social media account of Gravity Industries, a British aeronautical innovation company founded by Mr Browning.

HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently off the east coast of the United States as part of the Westlant 19 Carrier Strike Group deployment.

Former Marine flew from aircraft carrier towards a cruise boat sailing on Ocean. Video on Instagram explains the flight as boat control, but apparently, he is not on duty. The video, however, reaches its targeted audience as Mr Browning hit 85.06 mp/h, beating his previous personal best of 32 mp/h.

This speed is the new 'fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine-powered suit'.



Britain introduces Rocket Man

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