BMP-1P is More Powerful

BMP-1P is More Powerful 9 October, 2019

TechImpex touched the BMP-1, which was used extensively by the Communist Iron Curtain and African countries of the Cold War. The company has modernized a BMP-1 in Ukrainian inventory with its own resources. 

Improvement made mainly on the firepower of the vehicle. The turret which has a 73 mm 2A28 Grom recoilles rifle main gun was replaced with new one-man turret which armed with 30 mm 2A72 auto cannon, a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun and a 30 mm KBA-17 grenade launcher. Vehicle's which also armed with two Bar'er missile one on each side, effect also increased against tanks and heavily armoured vehicles.  Vehicle also equipped with two all weather camera which provides better situational awareness which are placed front and rear. ln case of demand, the powerpack may also change. Company also announced that the trials of the vehicle will begin after the Arms and Security 2019.

BMP-1P is More Powerful

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