BMP-2M Deliveries has Begun

BMP-2M Deliveries has Begun 1 February, 2018

Russia has begun to take delivery modernized BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles. Vehicle’s fire control systems are renewed and fire power is increased. Vehicles are deployed in the Orenburg Region.

Modernized BMP-2M’s with B05S011 (Berezhok) guided weapon system will replace aging BMP-1 and BMP-2’s. Vehicle is equipped with two twin 9M133 Kornet (NATO Code: AT-14 Spriggan) missiles. Vehicle also features 30 mm 2A42 gun, AG-30 automatic grenade launcher and 7,62 mm PKT machine gun.

The new guided weapon system allows shooting fixed targets or moving targets up to 400 km/h speeds da yor night conditions.

A total of 540 units will be delivered under a 10-year contract. BMP-2M’s also equipped with a digital computer, sensor suite, automatic target tracking device and independent commander panoramic view, TV camera and laser rangefinders.

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