Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India

Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India 23 February, 2019

Boeing promotes its F-18 factory in India. Speaking at the Aero India show, company officials said it would build a “factory of the future” in India to produce the Super Hornet to meet New Delhi’s request. India has two separate requirements for combat aircraft: 110 for the air force and 57 for the navy.

For the opportunities with New Delhi, the company would pitch the Super Hornet’s new Block III variant, which features updated avionics and sensors, and has an increased range through the use of conformal fuel tanks.

Boeing’s promotion of the industrial offering involved with the Super Hornet came a day after rival Lockheed Martin rechristened the F-16V Block 70 as the ‘F-21’ for India.

For the 110-unit air force competition, other contenders include the Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, RAC MiG-35, Saab Gripen E and Sukhoi Su-35. The Rafale and Super Hornet are regarded as the main contenders for the Indian navy requirement.


Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India

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