Boeing Support to BLU-109

Boeing Support to BLU-109 8 September, 2016

The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Boeing a $9.97 million contract on 6 September, covering systems engineering and logistic support planning required for production acceptance testing and evaluation of the DSU-42/B precision laser guidance set, and the KMU-558 series guidance set of the GBU-56(V)4/B PGM. It also includes integration onto the Hornet aircraft for the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. The GBU-56/B is the dual-mode (laser and GPS/inertial navigation system [INS]) that utilises the MK 84 (general purpose) and BLU-109 (penetrating) bombs to afford a moving target capability. The BLU-109 version of the bomb, planned to be integrated onto the Hornet aircraft, is designated as the GBU-56(V)4/B and is fitted with the DSU-42/B SAL seeker and KMU-558/B guidance set. Flight trials of the GBU-56/B Laser Joint Direct Attack Munition (LJDAM) began in 2010, with inert weapons being dropped from a US Air Force (USAF) Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon. Testing and integration of sensors for the GBU-56B is now at the final stage of development.

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