Boxer on Tests

Boxer on Tests 30 July, 2020

The Boxer 8x8 wheeled vehicle program, which the UK has decided to continue, is progressing for the country.

Rheinmetall, announced that the trial phase for UK Boxers started at the Rheinmetall Defence Netherlands Facilities from its social media account. In this context, the ergonomics and stowage capabilities of the platforms will be tested. In addition to the sustainment equipment of the crew, such as rucksacks and life support equipment; combat gear such as weapons, communication systems and ammunition that enough for 72 hours will be placed in the relevant compartments within the vehicle. In addition, special mission equipment will take place in the parts designed on the platform.

Stowage trials are shown as one of the secondary tests for armoured vehicles. However, mechanized and motorized elements may need to live for days without leaving the vehicle for days when necessary. For this reason, the interior design requires to be able to store all the necessary material in sufficient quantity and provide it in the most ergonomic way possible. It is also important to ensure that all these issues are met without compromising personnel safety.

Boxer on Tests

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