BrahMos to Target AWACS

BrahMos to Target AWACS 15 September, 2020

Russian – Indian joint cruise missile "BrahMos" will aim large air targets such as AWACS aircraft in 2024. According to "RIA Novosti", the co-director of the Russian-Indian JV "BrahMos" Alexander Maksichev said, "The project of a cruise missile" BrahMos "air-to-air "for the destruction of air targets such as AWACS aircraft has been approved, the completion of work for the first launch is scheduled for 2024.”

According to him, “the fundamental difference of this missile is that it will be designed to destroy large and important air targets, for example, AWACS radar patrol aircraft. Now, these missiles are designed to destroy land and sea targets. "

Maksichev said that the range of the missile is getting extended for such targets. The missile will remain the same only with some modernization. The different homing head will be implemented to destroy a radar.

BrahMos to Target AWACS

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