Brazil May Modernise PHM Atlantico

Brazil May Modernise PHM Atlantico 20 March, 2019

The Brazilian Navy has started initial studies for the installation of new systems meant to improve its PHM Atlantico (A140) (formerly HMS Ocean) multipurpose helicopter carrier according to the Jane’s.

Among the components being considered for replacement, installation, or modernisation are navigation and precision approach radar systems, a command-and-control system at the operational level for use by an embarked command force, and a new self-protection system to complement the existing four 30 mm DS30M Mk2 remote-controlled weapon stations. The navy is looking at an existing system - either gun- or missile-based - as a possible replacement.

The 203.43 m-long ship, displacing 21,578 tonnes, was purchased from the United Kingdom on 19 February 2018 for about GBP84 million (USD111 million in 2019 terms.

Turkey, building its own TCG Anadolu LHD ship had shown interest to HMS Ocean but was in delay to take part at negotiations.

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