British F-35Bs arrived UK

British F-35Bs arrived UK 7 June, 2018

The first of Britain’s new F-35B aircraft arrived into RAF Marham their new home in Norfolk. Fighters arrived two months ahead of schedule, having completed a nonstop flight from South Carolina.

Describing the F-35 as "the most advanced and dynamic fighter jet in our history," chief of the air staff Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier says: "With its stealth and other world-beating technologies, the F-35 Lightning takes the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy to a whole new level of capability."

The UK plans to declare initial operational capability with the F-35B by the end of this year for land-based missions.

Lockheed has so far delivered 15 F-35Bs to UK, and the MoD says its potential requirement for the Lightning II remains for up to 138 examples.


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