Bulgaria wants F-35

Bulgaria wants F-35 27 November, 2019

US President Donald Trump met with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov at the White House. Trump said Bulgaria intends to supply the F-35.

" They’ve ordered some F-35s and some other things.  They buy a lot of military equipment from the United States — the best equipment in the world.  And I look forward to our meeting," Trump said before the bilateral meeting at the Oval Office.

A joint press release after the Trump-Borisov meeting stressed "friendship and alliance" between the two countries, and "the US and Bulgaria are planning to deepen their defence technology and industrial partnership".

Using the disintegrating Warsaw Pact military systems, Bulgaria has long been suffering from transition period from Warshaw to NATO systems. Looking for an appropriate platform to replace ageing Mig-29 fleet supplied during the USSR, Bulgaria has long sought a second-hand or even third-hand F-16. In July 2019, the Bulgarian President vetoed the Bulgarian Government's plans to provide eight F-16 Block 70s from the US, due to cost and some concerns. Bulgarian government later passed the President's veto and accepted a $ 1.67 billion deal.



Bulgaria wants F-35

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