Burgazada Prepares For Duty

Burgazada Prepares For Duty 22 March, 2018

Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) announced that the third "ADA" class corvette Burgazada (F-513), designed under the National Ship (MILGEM) project and built in Istanbul Shipyard Command, took its first cruise.

The construction of the Burgazada corvette, which started on December 17, 2014, is expected to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command between June and September. The ship, with a range of 3 thousand 500 nautical miles (6 thousand 485 kilometres) with cruising speed, has been designed to operate 10 days at sea without any material supply and refuelling.

The corvette, which can carry out surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, surveillance, reconnaissance, command control and asymmetric defence missions, is capable of carrying and deploying a 10-ton helicopter.

Burgazada Prepares For Duty

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