Big Investment

Big Investment January 27, 2018

General Dynamics has decided to invest nearly two billion US dollars for its shipbuilding departmenr. The company took this decision to respond to the growing needs of the US growing fleet.

The biggest part of the investment will be made to the shipyard in Connecticut. This facility is focusing on submarine construction, the shipyard will invest 1,7 billion US dollars. The Block V versions of the Virginia Class submarines and the Columbia Class ballistic missile submarines will be constructed in this shipyard.

The Virginia Block V-class submarines are an enlarged version of the existing Virginia Class submarines with an additional segment. With this joint, the submarine will carry 40 vertically fired Tomahawk missiles. It was also pointed out that the capability of the shipyard for the construction of these submarines should be increased. The first of the Columbia class submarines is scheduled to be delivered in 2021. The Columbia Class will replace existing Ohio submarines.

The company will also invest $ 200 million in Bath Iron Works Shipyard in Maine. Destroyers are building for the US Navy in this facility.

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