C-130 Fleet will Change

C-130 Fleet will Change 15 July, 2019

The Portuguese government has confirmed that they will acquire five KC-390 cargo aircraft. Government will make an agreement worth € 827 million to purchase of five KC-390 aircraft, a flight simulator, and the aircraft logistics. Minister of National Defence João Gomes Cravinho explained that the aircraft, with intercontinental range and true multi-mission capabilities, will be able to execute strategic and tactical operations, both civil and military, without limitations, from transporting troops, vehicles and cargoes, to launching paratroopers, and can also be refuelled in the air. The five KC-390 aircraft, whose acquisition has now been authorized, will replace the current C-130 fleet, which entered service with the Portuguese Air Force about 40 years ago. The Minister said that this is a necessary measure, since the C-130 fleet has already reached the limit of its use. "They are now undergoing a minor upgrade to continue flying until the new KC-390 fleet is complete," he added.

Platform can be used for medical evacuation, search and rescue, patient transport and fire-fighting when necessary. The aircraft will start arriving in February 2023 at a rate of one per year until February 2027.

C-130 Fleet will Change

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