C-2 Is On Course For Export

C-2 Is On Course For Export 15 October, 2017

The Japanese company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, is preparing to make its first military export to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company is trying to market the C-2 heavy-duty transport aircraft to UAE in this framework. The firm's effort is based on the Japanese Defence Ministry's strategy to enter global defence industry market. The company also markets the P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft in this frame. The Japanese Nikkei Asian Magazine notes that Japan has reached a certain stage for the C-2 with UAE. The C-2 will also take place at the Dubai Air Show, to be held in November. If the sale of C-2 to UAE actualises, this will be the first export of a Japanese-made weapon system. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government lifted the 1967 arms export ban in 2014. The aircraft, which entered service with the Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) in June 2016, is able to carry 30 tonnes of cargo to a range of 5 thousand 600 km with a twin General Electric (GE) CF6 turbofan engine.

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