C-2 Will Try Its Chance in Paris

C-2 Will Try Its Chance in Paris 16 June, 2019

Paris is preparing for the Paris Air Show 2019 which will be held between 17-23 June 2019. The fair will be the stage of firsts in 2019 as in every time.

Japan, which has alleviated arms export bans in recent years, will exhibit the C-2 transport aircraft in Paris. The platform, which made its first flight in 2010 and has been in service since 2016, will meet visitors for the first time at such a big international event. With a length of 43.9 meters and a wingspan of 44.4 meters, the maximum take-off weight of aircraft is 141,000 kilograms. There are reports that Japan is meeting with some countries for sale of the C-2  which has a fly-by-wire system in defence lobbies.

C-2 Will Try Its Chance in Paris

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