Wet Contacts from C29

Wet Contacts from C29 29 January, 2020

The Airbus C295 tactical airlifter has successfully achieved its first wet contacts during an air-to-air- refuelling (AAR) tanker flight test campaign. First dry contacts of this flight test took place in December 2019 and were achieved using a closed ramp configuration.
The wet contacts, conducted out of Seville, Spain, took place in January 2020, between one Airbus C295 aircraft in tanker configuration and a Spanish Air Force C295 acting as receiver. In total, the aircraft fitted with the removable AAR kit, performed five wet contacts transferring a total 1.5 tons of fuel.
The flight test campaign also included night flight operations and the successful proximity test in pre-contact position with a Spanish Air Force FA-18 fighter. The successful tests will expand the C295’s trademark versatility for tactical operations to include refuelling missions for helicopters, transport and fighter aircraft.

Wet Contacts from C29

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