Capability Demonstration by GX-6

Capability Demonstration by GX-6 November 18, 2016

A recent anti-submarine warfare exercise by the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) gave China a chance to unveil its GX-6 anti-submarine patrol aircraft and the Type 039C submarine.
 The GX-6, based on the Y-8 airframe, is a modern maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) capable of performing anti submarine warfare (ASW) missions in line with ASW MPAs of other international navies. The air platform is considered the Chinese equivalent of the American P-3. It features two ventral weapons bays.
Type 039C is China's first Air Indipendant Propulsion (AIP) powered submarine with an overall length of 77.6 m and a displacement of 3,600 tons. The Type 039A has six 533 mm torpedo tubes. 

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