Carrier Capable Unmanned Wingman

Carrier Capable Unmanned Wingman 18 February, 2019

The United Kingdom has announced that a new study has been launched under the Tempest project. In this direction, an unmanned wingman will be developed for Tempest. The new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which is expected to be the loyal supporter of the platform, is planned to be the aircraft carrier capable.


The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence said the Tempest was developed to be compatible with the Queen Elizabeth class of the United Kingdom. Although the aircraft is not capable of ship, it was announced that the UAV, which is developed for use together, may carrier-capable. It was also reported that the Tempest Project will be developed to be compatible with the CEPP (Carrier Enabled Power Projection) Program.


In July 2018, UK has signed an agreement with Team Tempest which consisting BAE Systems, Leonardo UK, MBDA, Rolls-Royce. In the new platform that will serve in the future; flexible payload, adaptable airframe, long-range sensing, advanced materials, intelligent maintenance, cyber protection, directed energy weapons and manned-unmanned cooperation are vital points.

Issue 86