Czechia Accidentally Invaded

Czechia Accidentally Invaded 15 June, 2020

Last month, Czechia was accidentally invaded, according to the Polish Ministry of National Defence. The misunderstanding in North Moravya first came up in the local newspaper Denik.

An engineer working in the chapel in the area said he wanted to take pictures for work, but Polish soldiers were preventing him. Denik proved that the soldiers were stationed in the chapel. 

Polish soldiers patrolling the covid-19 measures at the border between the two countries were mistakenly staying in an abandoned church on the other side of the border. The invasion ended with Czech authorities contacting Warsaw. Poland's Ministry of National Defence said they briefly occupied Czechia as a result of a "misunderstanding."

In a statement to CNN about the incident, the Polish Defence Ministry said the incident was not a conscious act. "When the incident was noticed, it was corrected immediately," the ministry said. Czech officials said they had not received an official statement on what had happened.

Another example of the accidental invasion took place between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Three times in 35 years, Switzerland invaded Liehtenstein.


*The photo has been used as a representation.

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