Centauro II on the Way

Centauro II on the Way 25 July, 2018

Italy has decided to procure Centauro II. Italian Army, ordered 10 Centauro II from Iveco Defence Systems and the Oto Melara Consortium (CIO). Italian Army plans to procure a total of 136 Centauro II. Nuova Blindo Centauro is the name of first tranche of the platform, which is a more advanced version of Centauro I. Vehicles will take place of their predecessors.

The Centauro II, which has been developed as a tank destroyer, is equipped with a 120 mm 45 caliber smoothbore gun which has muzzle brake that can fire all ammunition in NATO standards. The weapon equipped with a semi-automatic reloading system. Depending on the user preference of the platform gun can be equipped with 105 mm 52 caliber cannon. Reloading the gun can also be done manually in the event of a malfunction. To increase the level of protection, the vehicle has shock-absorbing seats and vehicle has a four men crew including commander, gunner and driver and loader. Centauro II also has an automatic fire detection and suppression system. The turret also allows the integration of a HITROLE remote controlled weapon system suitable for integration of a 40 mm grenade launcher,  7,62 mm or 12,7 mm machine gun in place of the on-board machine gun in the loader's administration.

In addition to the commander's and gunner's panoramic sight systems, Centauro II can be used in CBRN environments.  The level of armor protection of the platform, has also been significantly increased. Vehicle has a backup systems in case of possible failure of these systems. Thanks to its improved chassis, body and turret design, the additional armor kits provide a higher protection level gainst mines, IEDs and new generation kinetic ammunitions.

Centauro II, which is developed suitable with network-centric warfare, is powered by the 720-horsepower Iveco Vector 8V Euro III engine. It has a 7-speed forward 1-speed reverse gearbox and the power-to-weight ratio increased to 24 HP / tonnes. The vehicle with the pneumatic suspension system can complete the full turn in a nine-meter radius. The maximum speed of the vehicle, which can pass up to two meters wide moats, is 105 km / h and the range is 800 km. It was stated that vehicles equipped with electronic control systems as well as tires that allow central tire inflation system and flatrun tires. It is stated that the cost of agrrement is 159 million euros, along with training and logistical support for the contract amount awarded for the first batch of supplies.

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