China Builds Its Second Aircraft Carrier 1 January, 2016

Chinese Ministry of National Defence confirmed that the second aircraft carrier was being built in Dalian according to Associated Press. Spokesman for the ministry, Col. Yang Yujun, said that the carrier would have a displacement, a measure of a ship’s weight, of 50,000 metric tons and use a “ski jump” take-off technique for aircraft. First Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning has a displacement of 58,500 tons and also uses a ski jump for take-offs as country air forces has J-15 (derivation of Russian Su-33) that does take off without catapult on flight deck . He did not indicate when the ship would be completed but added, “Defending national maritime security, and safeguarding sovereignty over territorial seas and over maritime rights and interests, are sacred duties of China’s armed forces.” China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, was a discarded vessel bought from Ukraine in 1998 and refurbished by China. It went into service in September 2012. 

Issue 86