Chinese Aircraft Carrier Passed Taiwan Strait

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Passed Taiwan Strait 22 November, 2019

China is working to increase its fleet capability for open seas. On the other hand, Chinese government continues its military and political steps. Beijing administration, which often experiences tensions with neighboring countries due to continental shelf, undisputed islands, is far from relieving tensions with Taiwan.

People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) ships, visited many African, Baltic and European countries including Turkey in recent years. Thus, PLAN showed its maritime capabilities in a political way. On the other hand, sovereignty rights in controversial areas, especially in the international waters, China experienced some dangerous approaches and passages especially US and NATO or firendly elements. Chinese Type 001 aircraft carrier and her task force passed through the Taiwan Strait.

The first of the platforms called Type 001 in the Chinese Navy is in active service. The second element has already completed the sea trials. The construction of the third ship, continues. China bought the first platform of the class, thr Liaoning, from Ukraine. It is announced that the platform will be a floating casino. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the platform was purchased with the initiative of Beijing while waiting for its fate on the slipway under the name of Varyag. Following the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Strait, it reached the Dalian Shipyard in China following the Atlantic Ocean and Cape of Good Hope route.

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Passed Taiwan Strait

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