Chinese Sea Hawk

Chinese Sea Hawk 6 April, 2020

In addition to the original product development, the images of China's new helicopter, which intensely carries out reverse engineering activities, have been published.

In the past years, China developed the Z-20 helicopter with the reverse engineering method from the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters it had previously acquired from the USA. The naval variant of the Z-20, which was produced in line with the need for high-performance helicopters especially in high altitude areas such as the Tibet Region, was also developed. It is thought that the platforms converted over Z-20 within the scope of the ship-based naval helicopter need of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) are called Z-20F.

On platforms that look similar to SH-60 / MH-60 helicopters, FLIR is positioned under the fuselage, not in the nose part. Instead of the radar in a large radom among the main landing gear on Sea Hawks, there is a smaller piece of equipment close to the middle of the hull. However, it is stated that the equipment next to the cockpit doors may be conformal radar antennas. In addition to the missile warning system, the square shaped opening under the fuselage is likely to be the RAST (Recovery Assist, Secure and Traverse) system or the sonobuoy launch slot. The tail boom features downward UHF antennas, high-frequency array antenna and a large SATCOM (Satellite Communication) antenna. The foldable tail also includes chaff/flare dispensers. It is estimated that the helicopter has a digital cockpit structure as in the utility model. Z-20 also has the necessary sub-equipment to perform tasks such as anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, surveillance, communications relay, logistic support and personnel transport.

Although Chinese Navy inventory includes platforms such as Ka-28, Z-8/18 developed over French Super Frelons, Z-9, which is the reverse engineering model of Dauphin, the current aircraft are insufficient to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding surface fleet. That's why China needs a helicopter with advanced capabilities like the Z-20.

Chinese Sea Hawk

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