Boeing Stopped Production Line in Philadelphia

Boeing Stopped Production Line in Philadelphia 6 April, 2020

Boeing has stopped production at its factories around Seattle, where more than 12 employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19

The firm also temporarily stopped operations on its production line in Philadelphia. “This action is intended to ensure the well-being of employees, their families and local communities, and will include an orderly shutdown consistent with requirements of U.S. and global defence customers,” Boeing said.

“We have had positive test results for Boeing Philadelphia employees, but we are not commenting further on any affected employees to ensure privacy,” Andrew Africk, a Boeing spokesman said.

He said, the company is still able to deliver the first CH-47 with an upgraded cockpit to the Royal Netherlands Air Force on time this week.

The company decided to stop production from April 3 to April 20. The temporary closure means Boeing will halt its production lines to include the H-47 Chinook cargo helicopter and the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft as well as the MH-139A Grey Wolf helo.

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