China Accelerates Anti-Ship Market

China Accelerates Anti-Ship Market 2 January, 2019

China announced the new CM-401 system has been offered the international market. The system introduced at Airshow China 2018 promises high deterrence against medium and large tonnage targets.

First introduced in November, the CM-401 can be effective for a maximum range of 290 kilometers. Equipped with 290 kilograms of warhead, system can perform ballistic flights that can reach an altitude of 100 kilometres. Missile can reach 6 Mach speed at the terminal stage and offers a 90% hit rate.

M20B is another system that will increase the speed of anti-ship market. Missile system, which China is considering selling on an international scale, can be effective in a range of up to 280 kilometers. Missile has a highly effective 480 kilograms of warhead.

China Accelerates Anti-Ship Market

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