Chinese LHD Started to Trials

Chinese LHD Started to Trials 4 August, 2020

China, which has made significant investments in naval power in recent years and has reached an incredible construction speed, has begun counting down for the new platform that will multiply its amphibious capabilities.

It was announced that the new Type 075 class LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy went through the sea testing phase. In the published photos of the platform, which set sail from the pier where the refitting activities were carried out for the first time, it was also seen that the hangar lighting was completely open. The ship, which can quickly transfer a large amount of military force to the disputed islands, especially located away from the mainland, has an HHQ-10 surface-to-air missile system. In addition, there are many rumours for the platform, which equipped with the two H/PJ-11 (Type 730) CIWS (Close-in Weapon System), which is quite similar to the Goalkeepers.

EMALS (Electromagnetic Launch System) is one of the most important claims for the ship's aircraft operating capability. There are rumours in the defence lobby that Type 075 LHDs are equipped with the EMALS catapult system, which will enable the operation of heavy aircraft, and this can shake the balance in the Island Chain Region.

In the published images, it was observed that the construction activities of the second Type 075 LHD have also progressed significantly.

Chinese LHD Started to Trials

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