Chinese Shipyards Full Speed Ahead

Chinese Shipyards Full Speed Ahead May 14, 2019

Chinese shipyards, which increase the speed of construction day by day, continue to launch new platforms to the water without stopping.

China has announced that two new Type 052D (Luyang III) guided missile destroyers and 1 Type 056 corvette were launched at Dalian Shipyard in Liaoning District. The ships are fourth and fifth built in Dalian and the 19th and 20th platform built in total. It is stated that the ships were launched with the help of tugboats. Ships will be put in service in a short time after refit process completed.

China plans to have more than 30 units in the future, with active electronically arrayed radar and 64 vertical launchers. Platforms that can perform escort and air defence missions on open seas are said to be capable of providing a strong air defence umbrella to aircraft carrier task groups.

Chinese Shipyards Full Speed Ahead

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