China to Test New Rocket

China to Test New Rocket 12 February, 2020

China, been staring into space for a long time. In this context, Beijing will carry out a new test launch.

As part of its manned space station program, China has developed a new carrier platform on the Long March 5 rocket. The new rocket, called Long March 5B, will carry the necessary parts into orbit as part of the space station installation work. Long March 5B, which counts days for the first launch, reached the launch area after 1 week of sea and rail transportation. The first trial to be carried out in the launch area located in the Hainan Region will be conducted in April.

Long March 5B, the first 1.5-stage launch system in China, is 5 meters in diameter. The platform, which has a fully loaded weight of 849 tons, uses a mixture of liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and kerosin and an environmentally friendly fuel. The platform, which is the largest carrier developed by China, can carry 22 tons of material to the lower orbit.

China to Test New Rocket

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