Chinese Z-8L on Air

Chinese Z-8L on Air January 16, 2019

Photo of China's new Z-8L transport helicopter Chang-Aircraft Industries Corporation (CAIC) was recently published in Scramble magazine.

The photo leaked into a Chinese military forum and, according to military analysts, it is a large- helicopter based on the Z-8 helicopter and encoded as Z-8L.

The new helicopter seems to share several similarities to the American S-92 including two additional internal tanks mounted on both sides of the shaft. In addition, the internal cargo area has increased significantly in relation to the Z-8 helicopter.

According to information, the Z-8L prototype flew for the first time in 2017 and hence the helicopter was tested by the Army of China. The new helicopter can be used in search and rescue missions, anti-submarine combat, as well as personnel and material transfers.

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