China's Wind Tunnel Ready for New Jets

China's Wind Tunnel Ready for New Jets 28 May, 2020

The wind tunnel, built by China for nearly eight years, successfully completed its first operation. The tunnel, called FL-62, was used for an unnamed jet that was under development.  With the data provided by the 17,000-cubic meter transonic wind tunnel, it is thought that the aerodynamic design of the aircraft will be optimized and the development process will be completed in less time. The operation, completed on Tuesday, is the first-time test data for aircraft has been collected. The FL-62 has been announced to show it is ready to test and contribute to the development of any aircraft.

The new wind tunnel is important for China, which aims to complete sixth-generation aircraft development by 2035. 

The flow characteristics obtained in wind tunnels simulate the actual flight. The transonic tunnel is used to achieve speeds close to the speed of sound. Transonic wind tunnels enable structural testing of supersonic aircraft that pierce the sound wall.


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