CLWS Against to UAV

CLWS Against to UAV 10 August, 2019

The new Compact Laser Weapon System (CLWS), developed by Boeing, has proved its ability to counter unmanned aerial system threats. The Boeing Company announced that in a recent test, the system hit 19 out of 19 moving targets. CLWS, is a portable laser system and can stand alone or pair with weapon platforms on vehicles or ships.

According to AFCEA International, for ground-based applications, the weapon can be placed on a tripod and on top of its corresponding military container, which houses the electric power and cooling subsystems. The Silent Strike uses a 2 kW laser. The full laser weapon system, including the command-and-control and fire control components, are packed into a small shipping container. The total weight of a single CLWS system, including the container, is 2,267.96 kg.

CLWS Against to UAV

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