"Synthetic Production in Multiple Media"

"Synthetic Production in Multiple Media" 19 November, 2019

Nowadays, when it is possible to enter it on the Internet, with the infiltration of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity is now essential for companies and governments. The cybersecurity firm Zemana set up in 2007 to protect against identity theft, financial and spyware. Three years ago, the company entered the market in Turkey. Orhan Akyürek, General Manager of the company, said that they are currently exporting products to 135 countries; At the press conference, he said they aim to seize a share of 10-15 per cent of the cybersecurity market in Turkey.

Zemana, who has partnered with Asis Elektronik under the agreement signed with İDEF'19, is developing a solution to the new cyber threat 'deepfake' during the question of reality. The company explains the problem as "multi-media, synthetic production". Developed to solve cyber threats that are important for political elites and members of the press, Deepware Scanner promises instant detection of fake videos produced by interfering with images and sounds.

 Bosnia and Herzegovina research, while companies with development offices in Turkey also T. C. The Ministry of Interior is providing corporate anti-virus solutions to the Gendarmerie General Command.

The beta site developed by the company for Deepware Scanner is available here:

"Synthetic Production in Multiple Media"

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