Compact Defence Barrier by Alp Defence

Compact Defence Barrier by Alp Defence 16 May, 2017

Alp Defence presented its "accordion barrier system" to its visitors at the 13th International Defence Industry fair IDEF 2017, which the company developed using completely national sources. Accordion barrier systems are defense barriers used in various configurations for the purpose of protecting against threats and attacks. They consist of multichamber units that are connected side-by-side, as well as on top of one another by means of special springs, for use in both military and civilian contexts. 

They are used by troops that are deployed on the terrain for the protection of staff centers and important buildings, ammunition and critical equipment warehouses, fuel units, surveillance, guard and control points, as well as defense firing positions, as an environmental security, defense, and equipment guard wall.

Alp Defence offers its solutions to international market along with its domestic customers.

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