Corona Epidemic at Navy

Corona Epidemic at Navy 13 March, 2020

COVID-19, which is rapidly influencing the world, continues to increase its area of ​​effect. The virus can easily spreads especially confined spaces so ships are suitable environments for the transformation of cases into epidemics.

Recently, the Hellenic Navy MEKO 200HN class HS Hydra (F 454) frigate was quarantined due to the COVID-19 virus. Today, an outbreak alarm has been issued for the Italian Navy, the San Giorgio-class amphibious assault ship ITS San Giusto (L 9894). The platform was quarantined at the Brindisi Naval Base, where it was moored, after the pharyngeal swab test of an officer on board was positive. It was stated that infected personnel were affiliated with the San Marco Brigade, the Italian amphibious infantry unit, and participated in an exercise with the ship. It was stated that all the soldiers who were in close contact with the personnel were taken into custody and there were no epidemic symptoms on the platform yet.

Due to the worldwide epidemic, military exercises are canceled or postponed, as well as many activities in the defence industry.

Corona Epidemic at Navy

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