Countdown Began for New Transport Aircraft

Countdown Began for New Transport Aircraft 19 January, 2018

The Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Plant (VASO) accelerated the process of the new Il-112V light transport aircraft. In the statement made by officials, it is stated that the first prototype is in the final assembly phase and the production of the second prototype is started. Second half of 2018 was marked for the first flight, while the first prototype assembly is scheduled to be completed in April.

The platform which developed to replace An-26 (NATO Code: Curl) transport aircraft has two 3500-horsepower TV7-117ST turboprop engines and AV-112 propellers. The service altitude of the aircraft which has maximum take-off weight of 21 tons will be 7600 meters. The range of the platform with advanced missile defense system is planned to be 2,400 kilometers with a 3,5 tons payload.

Countdown Began for New Transport Aircraft

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