Counterstep from Iran 12 August, 2019


Iran continues to strengthen its defence capabilities. A newly-overhauled advanced radar system was unveiled by Iran on Saturday, August 10 and delivered to the Iranian Army's Air Defence Unit.  The Falagh radar which is based on Gamma radar procured from Russia, is capable of detecting various cruise and ballistic missiles as well as stealth aircraft in a range of 400 kilometres. The overhauling operations of Falaq took 2,300 man/hours of work. 


"We have gained full self-sufficiency in the area of radar systems and powerfully detect different advanced US planes and give them warning. Our indigenized systems have made enemies realize that if they want to start a conflict with us, they will receive heavy blows" Chief of the Air Defense Force Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard said.

Issue 86