COVID-19 Knocks Out French Aircraft Carrier

COVID-19 Knocks Out French Aircraft Carrier 9 April, 2020

French Carrier Charles De Gaulle to return home due to possible COVID-19 infections. The French Defence Ministry has reported that at least 40 sailors aboard an aircraft carrier have shown symptoms of the new coronavirus.

France’s aircraft carrier will be brought home early from the deployment in the Atlantic after some crew members. The ministry said on 8th April, “As of today, a screening team with test means will be sent aboard the aircraft carrier to investigate the cases that have arisen and to hinder the spread of the virus on board the ship.”

French government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye said the suspected patients "have been placed in isolated confinement out of precaution".

Charles de Gaulle’s crew complement consists of about 2000 sailors. They had been deployed in the Atlantic as part of a NATO exercise after having participated in Operation Chammal that seeks to contain the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.  Carrier was last seen docked in the harbour at Greek Cypriot part of Cyprus Island.

Charles De Gaulle is the 2nd aircraft carrier case suffered from COVID-19 virus. After the increasing incidents, the U.S. carrier Theodore Roosevelt was taken to Guam island in order to treat the patients.

COVID-19 Knocks Out French Aircraft Carrier

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