Domestic Solutions  for COVID-19 Needs

Domestic Solutions for COVID-19 Needs 4 May, 2020

Due to COVID-19, which affected almost the whole world in a short time, many companies switched to the remote working system.

Video Conferencing Products, which became one of the important needs in remote working conditions, were coming to the agenda with the security gaps detected in solutions in foreign sources. Turkey Cyber ​​Security Cluster began studies in line with the needs of nature. 12M, Bites, Gais, Havelsan, ICTerra, Karel, Liberta, May Siber, Nettsi and YD Software companies have developed safe solutions by rapidly developing location systems within the scope of video conferencing software needs. President of Defence Industries Ismail Demir said "We are working on domestic solutions in every field. Congratulations for our local video conferencing products developed by member companies, Cyber ​​Security Cluster member Karel, Gais, May Cyber, Bites, YD Software, 12M, Liberta, ICTerra, Nettsi and Havelsan companies. Continue to develop and produce!”.

It is stated that the products that many institutions have started to use immediately will meet the needs in the distance education process as well as video meetings.

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