Critical Turn For Indigenious Helicopter's Engine

Critical Turn For Indigenious Helicopter's Engine 7 February, 2017

Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry (SSM) announced on its  official  twitter account that the 'Indigenious Turboshaft Engine Development Project' agreement has been signed with TUSAŞ Engine Industry (TEI). Turkish Undersecretery for Defence Industry Prof. İsmail Demir and TEI's General Manager Mahmut Faruk Akşit attended the signing ceremony. 

The agreement marks an important milestone in Turkey's indigenious helicopter project. The national turboshaft engine will be used on 5 tonne-class helicopter. With Turboshaft Engine Development Project, dependency on foreign sources will be eliminated for engines to be used on not only the indigenious lightweight utility helicopter, but also on ATAK.

What is Indigenious Helicopter Programme?

Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry (SSM) and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed a contract on 26 June 2013 for design, development, test, production of civillian and military helicopter, which would be in 5 tonne-class, twin engine and able to accomodate 12 passengers in addition to two pilots. The first prototype of the Indigenious helicopter is scheduled to make its maiden flight in September, 2018.

Critical Turn For Indigenious Helicopter's Engine

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