Cruiser Firing Exercise at North

Cruiser Firing Exercise at North 23 July, 2020


Live fire training is undoubtedly one of the most important activities for an armed forces to achieve significant combat readiness and control the systems it uses. The Russian Navy recently conducted a live fire with cruisers, one of the largest surface platforms in its inventory. Project 1144.2 (NATO Code: Orlan) "Kirov" class RFNS Pyotr Velikiy (099) and Project 1164 (NATO Code: Atlant) class RFNS Marshal Ustinov (055) guided missile cruisers also participated in the activity carried out in the Barents Sea. During the exercise, where artillery shots were carried out to suppress coastal targets, it was announced that P-700 Granit (NATO Code: SS-N-19 Shipwreck) and P-1000 Vulkan (NATO Code: SS-N-12 Sandbox) anti-ship guided missiles were also launched. Tu-22M3 (NATO Code: Backfire) strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces also supported the training.

Classified as heavy nuclear cruiser in the Russian Navy, Kirov-class platforms are described as battlecruisers in the NATO system. The full displacement of the RFNS Pyotr Velikiy, which also serves as the flagship of the Northern Fleet, is 25,860 tons. Although the 250-meter long ship is not subject to restrictions such as operational range thanks to its nuclear propulsion system, it is known that the food rations can be stocked enough for up to 60 days. On the platform, there are many guided missiles for use against surface and air targets, as well as gun equipment in a different calibres.

Cruiser Firing Exercise at North

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