Crypto Radio Network Expands in Turkey

Crypto Radio Network Expands in Turkey 24 April, 2020

The crypto radio network of the General Directorate of Security is expanding In Turkey. President of Defence Industries Professor Ismail Demir announced that a contract was signed with ASELSAN for the installation of a digital communication network in two more provinces. The network system is currently used in 22 provinces, while the installation process continues in two areas. Prof. Demir stated that with this contract, the broadband system was installed in a province for the first time. There will be new features such as sending videos and photos with broadband, sharing location information, transferring fingerprints and facial recognition information, messaging in individual and group mode.

Demir shared on Twitter, “The components of the Broadband system will be made up of ULAK A.Ş, while other systems will consist of local products developed by ASELSAN. We aim to expand this system to other provinces with the experience gained in our city. ”

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