A-Darter Qualified

A-Darter Qualified 26 September, 2018

South Africa-based Denel Dynamics announced the completion of qualification tests for A-Darter missile. Four launches were carried out during the tests and the target drones of the Skua developed by the same company were used as targets. Tests were performed in the Overberg Test Site. During the qualification, the system was passed three stages, lock on after launch, close air combat and electronic counter-countermeasures and the ability of the missile to turn 180 degrees under the high G load, as well as the use of a helmet-mounted cueing system. The A-Darter missile has an infrared guidance system based on two-color thermal imaging system. The missile, which can be used with helmet-mounted cueing systems and is highly resistant to countermeasures with its image detection system, weighs 93 kilograms.

Issue 86