Date Set for Turkey's Unmanned Fighter Jet

Date Set for Turkey's Unmanned Fighter Jet 26 June, 2020

Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar took part in an event organized by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education. Bayraktar, who collected his company's work in the presentation, made statements about the uav and armed unmanned aerial vehicle systems.  

Baykar production Bayraktar TB2 took part in many operations. Finally, the TB2 used in Operation Spring Shield successfully completed more than 80 percent of the tasks, Selcuk Bayraktar said. The company's tactical drones also accompany fatih and yavuz drilling vessels.

Explaining the number of Baykar production platforms in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces and Police General Directorate, Bayraktar stated the number of Mini Drones in service since 2007 as 228 units and TB2 as 110 units.  The number of Bayraktar TB2 exported is 12.

Bayraktar announced that the company will work on Destroyer Unmanned Aircraft System (Muharip İnsansız Uçak Sistemi/ MİUS) until 2023, and presented the chart of the platform. According to the chart, the platform, which will be powered by the turbofan push system, will have a flight time of about five hours. Expected to perform close air support and strategic offensive missions, MİUS is designed as a platform with a ton of ammunition carrying capacity and a cruising speed of 0.8 Mach.

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