Deadly Gases to be Used in Drill 18 September, 2019

In a first, Finland’s chemical warfare drills to have real lethal gases. Previously, the Finnish Defence Forces only used simulants instead of authentic chemical agents that fall under the UN Chemical Weapons Convention. Chemical warfare drills in Finland will, for the first time include genuine, lethal chemicals including mustard gas and Sarin, that have the ability to kill human beings even in low concentrations. The Pori Brigade unit of the Finnish Army will take part in the defence training that will be held in three hectares of land. Exercises for military personnel will begin in January 2020.

According to Finnish defence officials, the main idea of the new chemical warfare drill is to equip soldiers with the combat skills required in an authentic environment. The army assured that while these chemicals are potentially lethal to humans and hazardous to the environment, the drill will pose no threat to either the surroundings or even bystanders.

Chemical warfare was outlawed by the Geneva Protocol of 1925 and was again prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993.

Issue 86