December Record by ASELSAN

December Record by ASELSAN 30 December, 2016

ASELSAN set another record by closing eight deals in December, 2016. According to the announcement made by Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), four contracts has been signed between ASELSAN and Turkish Ministry of National Defence within December. Chronologically, two of the contracts were announced on 19th December, one on 22nd and one on 23rd December. One of the deals was for Air Defence Early Warning and Command Control Systems (HERRIKS) – Air Defence Early Warning Radar project with a value of $91 milion 418 thousand 61; the other one was for Weapon Locating Radar project with a value of $176 million 850 thousand. Announced on 22nd, the contract regarding Air Defence Early Warning and Command Control Systems (HERRIKS) – Command, Control and Information Equipment Acquisition Project had a value of $175 million 630 thousand. The fourth contract signed on 23rd December was to supply Fire Support Automation Systems (ADOP-2000) with a total value of $200 million.
ASELSAN also closed another four deals, two of which were with private enterprises and the others with Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry. One of these agreements, Security Project of Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipelines, was signed on 22nd December between Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry and ASELSAN-HAVELSAN partnership. The business share of ASELSAN for this deal was calculated as $47 million.
On 29th December, ASELSAN and Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) announced a $33 million contract for 499 Multirotor UAV System Project.
On 28th December, ASELSAN and ARES Shipbuilding signed a €20 million deal for Remote Controlled Weapon System acquisition for Qatar Coast Guard Command.
And last contract was signed on 30th December between ASELSAN and Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industry for ASELPOD Targeting Pod with a value of $25 million 806 thousand 300.
Hereby ASELSAN informed KAP that the company signed contracts in December with a total value of $750 million 566 thousand 501 and €20 million. ASELSAN and HAVELSAN did not inform KAP regarding the Peaace Eagle modification agreement. Similarly, contracts with insignificant values have not been reported to KAP. 

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