Changing Balances: China’s New Defence Strategies 10 September, 2019

“In the white paper published by the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China on July 22, 2019, China's new defence strategies were discussed in detail. The document has many differences compared to its predecessors. China has made fundamental changes in the structure and the organization of the army and makes many evaluations about the international agenda. As the power of the Asian continent not only in economic terms but also in military terms with its breakthroughs in recent years, it is a matter of curiosity that what will be the reflections of China's renewed defence strategies on the international arena.”

Under the six main sections of the document, the issues on the international agenda, the mission and duties of the Chinese armed forces in the new era, are explained with the emphasis of China's peaceful approach and national defence requirements. Underlining the multi-polar world order, China clearly states that it will take an active role in solving the current/potential problems in the region. One of the highlights of the white book is the emphasis on China’s President for life, Xi Jinping's leadership and views.

Issue 86